Customise the relay activation

Hi guys, I new project for open my standard elettrick-lock:


The question is: “when I press the button on cayenne, is possible to have a single ON (1 second) and OFF state?”
Becouse I don’t want to push the button for open and then having to push again for interrupt the signal (if I forget to close the relay, I would burn the lock :sweat: )

Thats one pic of my RPI1 with 1 relay inside:


You’re describing a ‘momentary switch’, and while we do have this on our Product Roadmap, it’s not a feature of Cayenne just yet.

I know that you’ve mentioned that you’re on a Raspberry Pi here, but for the sake of completeness in case you want to go a different route with this project, or for anyone else who finds this thread, I wanted to link this thread where @kreggly was nice enough to share his solution for a momentary switch on Arduino:

thanks for the reply!