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dashboard you using? (Web,Android)

When i attempt to get a report from the Cayenne Dashboard using a Digital Motion Widget for longer than 1 hour the report contains f values between 0 and 1( how is that possible).
I am unable to run a report on this sensor using Android app on the web dashboard.
Thank You

History_94f87d90-c79f-11e7-8123-07faebe02555_b2035880-dd2d-11e7-86d0-83752e057225_day_2017-11-24-09_00_00_2017-12-18 09_00_00 (1).csv (36.0 KB)

I would assume the formula that creates the graph data is taking an average of the readings. When you are making an hour chart you can’t fit in all the readings, so something has to take place to strip the data down a bit. There have been some posts in the past and I agree that it would be nice to choose from a couple different options for creating the data for the graph (average, omit x values every x minutes, etc). @rsiegel can probably confirm.

I know that the graph does some sort of smoothing on the data which might be causing the unexpected results in the actual visual graph, but I didn’t think that this carried over to the actual chart data .csv report. Have you tried downloading a larger set of historical data via the steps in this post to see if they match with the .csv that you’ve attached here?

Tagging @bestes for the feedback that most users I’ve encountered don’t want any smoothing done to their graph data.

I just tried the extract and it didn’t really help as the data was smoothed out as opposed to digital I/O.

I am toying with the idea of aggregating the data myself on the device and pushing it periodically to get better reports. I have already done this a little and it seems to work enough for my needs but it would be really useful to have to different visualisations.