Dashboard gauges - improvements I'd like to see

@Ian @ats1080s I was wondering how long the 3 position gauges would hold out… I agree with you here, we can definitely improve our gauge widgets.

So how it works is if the value is below the lower threshold, then it’s in the low (green) position. If value is above the upper threshold, then it’s in the high (red) position. In between is the Medium (amber). This was sort of a hack until we had time to improve the gauge to what you’ve described; with an actual percentage and a min/max.

Okay, here is my brain dump on this:

User assigned zones is a great idea! Question, what would you expect the color of the gauge to be at the time when the value is not inside one of the assigned green / red zones? …Amber?

For example, in your aquarium would the middle range of 75-80 be green or amber?

Or would you want to be able to also specify that 75 and 80 are Amber (since you are approaching the warning zones) and that 76-79 are green…this scenario leads to much more customization, but the trade-off being a potentially cluttered and (hopefully not) confusing set up.

Perhaps there should only be a red zone? After all in your examples you only list red zone ranges. Or actually maybe what is best would be the ability to set ‘danger zones’ that are red, ‘warning zones’ that are amber, and then anything else would be green.

I think what may also be helpful is to allow for a no ‘zones’ setting to be set, and you could use, say, a black arrow instead of various colored arrows if you rather not set up the ‘danger zones’ and ‘warning zones’.

We really appreciate your input here! If you’d rather say “I don’t know, you guys figure out what’s best stop making me think!” that’s okay too :slight_smile: .

Interested to hear your thoughts on this too @ats1080s

P.S. moving this to Ideas / Suggestions