Bug Filed on 05-03-2016: Startup questions


Rick, great questions. Many of these are in discussion already, but its good to remind our friends at Cayenne, @bestes , that there are still some places that need improvement.




There are several open bug reports on this-

In addition, although I don’t usually use ‘remote’ I checked on the 4 RPi’s that I currently have running and remote only worked on 2; A Zero that is wired into the network and a 3b that is on WiFi. The ones that didn’t work were a 2b that is wired and a Zero that is WiFi. There has been discussion that VNCserver and/or tightVNC may be the culprit.

In the Android beta releases this field was °C only, I think it was 1.0.0 where it went to °F only. I would expect this field to change to user select-able in an upcoming release.



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