Dashboard inconsistency


I’ve found a problem with the dashboard status:
If you have a dashboard updated, when attempting to modify the properties of a widget, the dashboard resets and change all widgets values.

Follows three images of the status before, during and after.





yes when you update any setting of an widget, the status of widget changes to initial state. that is how it works. still tagging @jcruz and @bestes if they can do anything about this.


My impression is that this could be solved if the dashboard request an update to the device. I am very new to Cayenne, but I have some experinece in controlling devices from mobile apps.

My suggestion would be that one channel could be reserved for requests common to de device, and one of these requets could be the update of the state of all channels, to assure consistency. This request could be also sent when opening the dashboard.

Upon reception of the request, the device would sent the requested updates.




this is just a workaround you can try.
store the value of the actuator widget in a variable(x) and write it at an interval to cayenne. so it always keep it value.