Updating values to the dashboard


Hi, I have implemented an example connectino between a NodeMCU and Cayenne dashboard, and I’ve found the following problem:

When turning on the dashboard, all values are in the reset state but, as the device does not know that the dashboard has connected, no update information is sent.

Is there a mean for Cayenne to request automatically an update request to the devices?




Can you post the code you are using? That will help people to help you :slight_smile:



Thinking about it later, I realized that all data published by the device are stored in Cayenne, regrdless if there is a dashboard open or not. So the question was not really correct.

So I am assuming that devices should update the status periodically, to assure consistency.

I am going to implement a button in the dashboard to force an update, but perhaps a general function to request an update could be useful.

Thanks for your reply.