Widgets Don't display Correct values



I have been using dashboard and IOS app (which shows 2.3 BTW as current in app store yet announcement on here says 2.5 is latest) for a couple of months and have a few temperature widgets setup to display readings from sensors.

I have found that the values shown on the widget dont always match the latest readings.
Because this happens a lot I have got into habit of clicking it to see last hours history and what the last reading shows. The value shown on the widget is often way behind the latest reading i.e. this morning it shows 9.8 deg C yet looking at last hours history it is 14 - 15.
This happens for all widgets.

Why does the widgets move around. If I arrange them in order to how i want to display them when I go in at a later date they will be all mixed again.

The app also does not allow me to zoom in to get a better fix on times.

I have installed this on my Fire tablet and it works apart from rearranging widgets on the dashboard.

I did report this to support some weeks ago they referred me to here.!!

Thanks Dennis

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This may be the problem with your sensor or your sensor code. As whatever value from the sensor is sent to the cayenne dashboard. so to rule this out, try debugging and see the output of sensor without the cayenne code added.

we are working on this.


I have checked the readings sent to dashboard. Both locally and the live data list in dashboard.

Also if you click on history it is correct.


Can you share a screenshot of your dashboard vs your serial monitor so we can check what problem you are facing.