Dashboard never appears

I just installed Cayenne on my Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS. The instructions say to wait about 10 minutes and then the dashboard will appear and I will receive an email. I have not gotten an email and the dashboard did not appear. There is no email from mydevices in my inbox or spam folder. When I login again, I am taken to a page Step 1 Choose a Device to Start a Project.
I believe Cayenne was installed because I added a plugin device driver for DHT22 and the code was there and “sudo service myDevices restart” executed without error.
How do I recover from this? How can I confirm that Cayenne is running on my Raspberry Pi?

Did you get any error while the installation process in the terminal. can you share the log file tail -f /var/log/myDevices/cayenne.log

I got no error, nothing at all, and no email. I have moved on and reimaged the SD Card so I don’t have the log file. It would have been helpful to have some information on things like the log file and I could not find much on the website for support.

can you try installing again and share the log while installation process which appears in the pi terminal.