My Dashboard is not working!

Hi there,
I have installed myDevices Cayenne in my Pizero. It was working fine but know the dashboard does not update the values of anything.
Please, could you help me?

Does the device show online? Follow the steps here and let me know if you have any issues.

Hi adam, thank you for your quick answer.
My pizero show online but at the bottom is written “last data package sent: May 11”
*disk not full
*nslookup: this command does not exits
*ping perfect

  • sudo netstat -natp | grep -i established: ->established 614/python3
    *telnet 8883: connected
  • sudo service myDevices status: active (running)
  • sudo service webiopi status: unit webiopi.service could not be found
  • ps axu | grep python: ok
  • cat /etc/myDevices/Network.ini:

what does the logs show tail -f /var/log/myDevices/cayenne.log

It looks like a permissions issue accessing /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/edge . That’s one of the files we access for GPIO data. So you might check the permissions on that file and folder and see if it allow access to the gpio group. You can also check that the cayenne user is part of the gpio group by running groups cayenne .
Although I’m not sure that would cause the disconnection/connections afterwards. Are you using two devices with same credentials?

what you mean:
Are you using two devices with same credentials?

in past we have seen disconnect and connect issue when user uses one client id to two devices which causes the conflict.

Any help, please?

i was not able to locate the issue, so the option is remove and re-add the device.

why I dont have service webiopi?

Because it no longer used.

Could it be because I am using the same input for a personal program in python?

can you provide more info on this.

I have this program running at the same time as Cayenne:

from gpiozero import MotionSensor
from gpiozero import LED
from picamera import PiCamera
from datetime import datetime

pir = MotionSensor(17)
relay = LED (27)
camera = PiCamera()
camera.rotation = 180
camera.resolution = (640, 480)

while True:
timestamp =
camera.capture(‘/home/pi/%s.jpg’ % timestamp)

So maybe because this program is using the same input (17), the motion sensor, as Cayenne, Raspbian makes Cayenne crahs?

are you using GPIO 17 to control the relay from the cayenne dashboard?
Also if you are familiar with python then you can GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python: Python Library for Cayenne MQTT API to connect your raspberry pi to cayenne.

I am using GPIO 17 to check the motion from both (personal program and Cayenne).
GPIO 27 is used only by my personal program

can you try deleting and re-adding the device on cayenne.