Data from different ESP8266 on same dashboard

I would like to display data from different esp8266 processors on the same dashboard. I can display data fro each processor without problem but if I try two using the same sketch I run into problems. I use different channels for the data and the sketch send the data at different cycle times…

1 Is it possible to have a dashboard receiving data from different processors?
2 If it is possible how do I do it or what am I doing wrongly?

Any help will be appreciated.


Why don’t you try with adding widgets to one project page?
You can create so-called Project in Cayenne, on which you can drag any and every widget from your devices, no matter of their number or kind (RPi, Arduino, LoRa etc)…
When you create a project, it will be visible in webpage on top as a new tab, and in mobile app as well… I hope this helps…


BIG THANKSI have created a project and it does what I want. If I add another device and sensor to my dashboard is it only the password that changes?

It’s not password but token, and if new device is set up exactly the same, yes, that is only thing that changes. Also, I hope that you are aware that for each new device you add, you have to add widgets for sensors manually, like for the first device…
But, I don’t know is there any limit for number of widgets on project dashboard :slight_smile: … So, add as much as you need.

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Thanks again.

If you hit a limit, let us know :wink: there is no limit that I am aware of.


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