More devices on dashboard? ESP8266 and Raspberry values


Is it possible to have on one dashboard temp values from raspberry and also from esp ( as another device)? If I understand correct, ESP can be connected to raspberry and it is a part of it, or separetely as stand alone device connected to cayenne?
Ad separately device I will have to change device from raspberry and esp at IOS app, will be nice to have a few values at one dashboard.


Hi @michal,

This is absolutely possible with our Projects feature, which is designed to combine widgets from multiple devices to the same Cayenne dashboard.

To use it, go to Add New > Project, or click the + icon at the top of the Cayenne web dashboard to create a new project tab. Once you enter a name you’ll be taken to a blank project dashboard. There you can drag the widgets you’d like from your Pi and ESP devices in the left sidebar into the new project to create a unified dashboard.

We have some additional documentation on this feature here, and I’d be happy to answer any questions about it if you have them.