Data update sensors since 01-2022

Since the start of this years it seems that the data is not longer update on, when i look at thethingsstack, then it says “pending”

Any one know whats going on or what happend ?
Regards Maurice

I confirm, what you post in your screenshot and further describe on cayenne side. Theron I can add from my observations that this seems not to be the root failure, because the current (most) data is transferred and can be seen in the view, when using a very short period - in my case the “h” tab, because I get three times an hour values for that view. Furthe the gap on e.g month view becomes broader and broader, don’t know why the data vanishes in the view itself, becaus it has been delivered (checked against the Things Stack Community edition)

@MauriceDerden , with using “custom” view you could check, if cayenne is data aware or if you have indeed a data delivery problem from thingsnetwork or where you get the data from.
In my case “custom” shows the data of the last 24 hours independent from set dates.


Strange, indeed sometimes it works for a short time.

Started dated 13/02/2022 and not from before

Also in data on the excel sheet there is no data from before that date
also a collegue of mine has the same issue.
The data is received that is for sure, so probably it must be somewhere inside cayenne, but fortunatly nobody seems to know about it.