Where is my data?


Hello Community
I have several Devices and several Gateways (Loriot and TTN).
Since yesterday afternoon - my data disappeared. Both Loriot and TTN report data to be sent to mydevices. On bottom of the screen ‘last data packet sent’ gets updates. But no device reports any data!!!
Please help - where can i see incoming data?
Thank you


Me too I could not find all data from last month


Data collection restarted this morning (12.April.2018).

Data captured earlier is discarded / lost. My node was attached this week.


Please bring back my data!!! I need it!


Yes, data only since 12 Apr 4:06AM (EDT). Nothing before.
What happened with all the data?


Please bring back.
I have lot of sensor, I run a complex house heating and ventilation System and i need the data to calculate correct the parameters. So pls bring back to the Cayenne or give me and i save it, but i need it.



I have same problem here. All my data before 12 April is gone. How is that possible?
I hope there is a back-up or a good explanation…


Does anyone receive data in the dashboard? I have not received any data since april 11th


I have data, but only since since 12 Apr 4:06AM (EDT). Everything that was before (several months) disappeared, lost, and no answer from Cayenne yet in this thread


Could you please share your DevEUI so we can investigate ? You can send it by PM.
Can you also confirm it was working previously ?


I have Wemos D1.
Its possible to give us our data?


I lost all the history as well, on all devices – some active for 5-6 months, some new, some disconnected - Apr 12 just after midnight Mountain time, I think.

I assumed it happened to everyone.


I have send you a PM with the DevEUI
The devices were working, i have even deleted some of them and added them again - no success


Hi @carlmar63

So I confirm we are receiving data through loriot for the deveui you sent me (ends with DF).
Seems there is a problem with your payload, for example I received 016701c1027428f40a0100
Our codec returns an error because of the 0x74 in the middle which is not recognized data type.

Also I suggest to make sure your device is only registered to one network if you have two gateways/networks running, then remove the device from Cayenne, and add it back by selecting the right network.


Thank you for your help. I will work on the payload - there may be some error there.


Any news on the missing data, before April 12?
Can we have it back? Or I’m the only one in this situation?


Seconding the above question? I still don’t have the data from before April 12th for all of my MQTT devices. I also don’t have any data storing since April 18th at 1:50am in the morning.

It is coming through and displaying on the dashboard as we speak, but none of the data is being recorded both in the history graphs and the data table.


Hi eptak,

I think it’s a general problem because a lot of users has the same problem: all data is lost before the 12e of april. I hope you have some logs of your server to check what was going on on the 12e of april…


Unfortunately I’m afraid that any uplink message that hasn’t been processed because of these failure are lost.
We don’t have cross network mechanism to retrieve lost messages from the LNS since they don’t all provide that feature yet.
Sorry for the inconvenience.