Deleting unneeded extensions

Hello. I have just started to evaluate Cayenne, and so far I am impressed with what I see.

I have run into one issue (of my own doing) that I have not been able to rectify. I am using a B+ with two MCP23017’s to extend my I/O count by 32 GPIO. I inadvertently added two extensions for the same base address of 0x20, and one for base address 0x21. So, when I pull down the extensions from the banner, I get three instances of “MCP23017”, when I really should have two. What do I need to do to delete an unwanted extension?

That’s what we love to hear! …Whelp, this is something we forgot to add! Kind of embarrassing, I know.

We allow the deletion of widgets associated with the extension, but not deletion of the actual extension itself. Luckily we are aware of this and are working on it already. So for now, perhaps label one of the two extensions with address 0x20 as the ‘correct’ extension? This way you can differentiate.

Hope this helps. Let me know otherwise.


We are coming out with an fix for allowing the deletion of an unwanted extension. Moving this thread to Helped.


How do I delete an unwanted extension, now that you have fixed it?

We have not fixed this yet, unfortunately. Will be fixed after Arduino integration is released.


Is it possible to delete extensions for Raspberry Pi yet ?
I’m using the PiFace.

Hi @wek and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

It is still in design and development, apologies, this feature keeps getting skipped over for other items.

We’ll eventually get it out the door. If it’s really bugging you in the meantime, you could remove and re-add your Pi to the Cayenne Dashboard which would give you a clean extensions list. Let me know if you need help doing so.

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Hi and thanks for the swift reply. I tried your suggestion without luck, even created a new Cayenne acccount but the extensions showed up again. Is the extension info stored on the Raspberry itself?
Kind regards

Apologies, I didn’t give very clear remove / re-add instructions. The extensions are a part of webiopi which is a component of the Cayenne Pi Agent that isn’t automatically uninstalled when you remove the Pi from your dashboard (because webiopi is also a standalone software that we can’t be sure isn’t being used otherwise on the system).

In order to eliminate your extension, try the following:

  1. Remove the Pi from your Cayenne dashboard via Settings > Configure > Remove Device > Confirm. This will automatically uninstall the Cayenne agent from /etc/myDevices

  2. Next, on your Pi, run the command sudo /etc/webiopi/uninstall/./ to uninstall webiopi

  3. Finally, re-install Cayenne from the web dashboard via Add New > Device/Widget > Single Board Computers > Raspberry Pi > Option 2. After running these commands to re-install Cayenne, the Pi will reboot and when it comes back up, should appear on your Cayenne dashboard with no extensions added or previous widgets.

Hi rsiegel.

I followed your instructions and I got rid of the obsolete extensions. Super – thanks.

I have Rasp2 and a Piface2 and installed Piface Digital, where I can see the state of each OUT port – and I can change open/close from within the extension interface.

But I cannot assign any digital button (actuator) to switch eg. Relay 1 On/Off or a add a sensor to view the state of a port. – I always receive “Unreachable”.

Any suggestions?

I wonder if it could be the same trouble other users are seeing with the 4.9 Linux kernel (which we don’t support with the Cayenne Pi agent just yet, but will soon).

Could you run uname -a to check what your kernel version is? If it is 4.9, you can follow the steps in this post to downgrade back to 4.4.50 and which should behave better with webiopi. If it’s already on 4.4, we can continue to troubleshoot.

Linux raspberrypi 4.4.50+ #970 Mon Feb 20 19:12:50 GMT 2017 armv6l GNU/Linux

I see, I was hoping for the easy answer here. After looking more closely, I think we still have the same unanswered questions mentioned in this thread about how well (if, at all) the PiFace 2 works with that “PiFace” extension option you see in the Cayenne UI.

Tagging @eptak here to see if he knows if PiFace 2 is supported by webiopi/Cayenne and what options should be selected when adding it if so. The last time I tried this, it was not clear to me what Board Number to choose amongst other things.