Bug Filed on 08-09-2016: Remove Extentions

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Pi Zero

Hey guys,

Can you please tell me how can I remove extentions from my Dashboard?
I was testing MCP3208 but now I want to remove it and don’t know how.

Probably its just an issue with be thing between the computer and the chair xD

Best Regards!

Hi @joaoduarte_89,

Haha, it’s not an issue with the thing between the computer and the chair! This is a bug that we are going to fix. Ability to remove an extension is not out yet, unfortunately.

Will update this post when we release the fix.


Thank you for the reply. Will keep an eye on it then :smile:

I was looking also for a way to add DHT sensors to my project.
I’m making a greenhouse and its the only thing missing… Since I only have these sensors I can’t control temperature and humidity using Cayenne.
Hope you can manage to add it to the device list soon.

Congratz for this awsome project.

If you have arduino you can get the DHT11 sensor working no problem. see here Dashboard values don't update

My solution is a bit hacky, I would suggest setting up a virtual pin as in this video Using Virtual Pins with Arduino to Connect Sensors in Cayenne

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Thank you for your replay :slight_smile:
I have lots of arduinos, the thing is that I don’t have a way to connect them to the internet.
Do you know if it is possible to grant acess to the arduino via USB/Serial through the Raspberry???


I responded to your other topic about this