Device not support - Help pushing data


The device I am using (DS2482-100) is not currently supported in Cayenne (AB Electronics 1 Wire Pi - However, I can currently pull all the data from the 5 temperature sensors from this board locally on Raspberry Pi 3 using OWFS which works a treat. As Cayenne cannot read this board directly, I was wondering if I could push the sensor data to Cayenne some other way? Please note, I know very little about programming however, is there some example code that can be run from the Raspian command that can send data from either a file or from the /mnt/1wire folders that these sensors right to? I have started reading the “Create App” section but not quite sure I understand much of it!

Any help would be gratefully received.


have a lookat this : Executing custom code on your Raspberry Pi from Cayenne


shramiksalgaonkar, Thank you soooooooooooo much for pointing me to the link in your message. With very little knowledge on what I am doing, I have now managed to display the data from 5 temperature sensors in the Cayenne dashboard :slight_smile: I have probably not done it in the best possible way but the sensors send their data to a file and I have amended the python script to read the data in the file and send it to Cayenne. I am VERY HAPPY so thank you again :slight_smile: