Device X widgets not available on android app?

When I build a dashboard using “Cayenne API”, and “build your own thing”, i.e. using cayenneMQTT I cannot see any widgets on the mobile app (for android); I can however see the dashboard on my PC

Note: I can see widgets on the mobile app, if I select “add new”, “device/widget”, “arduino”

Is this supported ?


Hi @p_heelan,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Unfortunately, we have not yet implemented mobile app support for the MQTT integration and Cayenne. We are working on it right now though! Hang in there.


Hi bestes,
Thanks for letting me know…


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Hello there,

New to the community, I was looking at cayenne for a while but since MQTT is available I jumped right in!

Anyway, have you guys any kind of deadline for iPhone/android support for the MQTT API support ?

Thanks in advance for all the great work


same here , I would glad to see MQTT API implementation for Android/IOS

Thanks !!

Same here, any update since December?

any update? eager to make coffee from phone while on the way home :slight_smile:

any update?

Same here… IoT device developing on going… I´d love to have it available.
Thanks in advance, awesome project. I´d publish as much as I can… I just found it yesterday…