API - MQTT: Chart Bug and Mobile App missing Sensors


I using the MQTT to send some Values to the Dashboard. The information are send by Pyson.
The values are show when i looking the Live Data. It looks good

Bug 1: When i want to see the history of Data via Chart of D/H,… There is a circule at the chart and the chart will not be updated. Only on the MQTT Sensors. At the PI Sensors it works fine

Bug 2: The Sensors of the API are not availible at the Google Android App. Then i look to Devices or as projects the sensors are not visibale to look the values


Hi, i have the same issues. I use the iOS App.


Hi @markus1, @flemming, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

These are all upcoming features on the Cayenne Roadmap.

Right now the mobile apps do not yet support data passed through the MQTT API, just the web dashboard. We’re hard at work on bringing this feature (and LoRa) to mobile in the future. We also have LoRa and MQTT history planned for Q1 of 2017.

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Sounds great. Looking forward to it.


Hello, I’m new to Cayenne and looking at using MQTT but saw this and I wondered have these problems been fixed yet?

Hi @torntrousers, thank you for your interest in Cayenne, and welcome to our community forum.

MQTT device data history charts/downloads should be working OK now. Please note that you’ll need at least 60 minutes of data (even if it is just one data point) before the ‘hour’ view on the chart will populate.

As far as the mobile apps, neither yet have MQTT device support, but we are getting very close. The iOS app update to introduce this may even come this week, depending on how our ongoing QA test goes.

Terrific, with that I shall go give it a try. One of my users would like it on an iphone app so if that is imminent so much the better.