Devices offline


I have a number of devices that have gone offline - there seems to be traffic passing through the wireless links on the sites that are offline that matches the patterns for the sites that are up - but nothing showing in the “live data” section and devices show as offline. End user has reset the device and it runs through its startup process fine which tells me they are ok - why they are not communicating has me stumped and i’m 800km away

Arduino devices with MQTT

Any way to see if the traffic is reaching the cayenne network or any logs we can access to see whats going on?


can you PM me the device_id , so i can check if we are receiving data from the particular device?


Sorry - issue resolved - was a DHCP issue on router - it ran out of leases due to random device reboots using up all the leases! But for future ref there is a way for us/you to check?


Yes, we can check the status of the device with your device_id.