Strange Android app behaviour

Lately I’m having some problems with Android app - every few days I have to clean all the data (in Android settings) because app can’t see any device as available, while on my laptop, 1 feet away from my mobile, in web app everything works like charm. Is there any help with this? I’m tired of re-entering my login data…:tired_face:

All my devices are Arduino, not MQTT but “native” Cayenne implementation, and have no timeouts (implemented delay is 1000 ms, so practically no timeout).

Does somebody have same issue, or I’m a loner with this?

Can I ask if you’re having any “Server Error” messages when loading/viewing the Cayenne data on your app?

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None whatsoever, and that’s why I’m having such problem - I don’t have ANY trace of errors, nothing to say THIS IS THE CULPRIT.

App shows all my devices, and all sensors/widgets attached - but each and every device is offline. If I push a button, it writes that device isn’t reachable, that it is offline (I can’t reproduce right now and enter correct words, because I have reset my app about an hour ago…).

I know that it is very hard to trace errors with so little details, but I’ll post here everyone that I can collect (and every time I run into same strange behavior).

Thanks, I appreciate the information, any detail is better than none at all.

The next time you’re seeing it, if you don’t mind waiting a bit before you reset, I’d be interested in your login credentials (privately, of course) to see if I can reproduce on my side/investigate if there is anything on your account that might be choking the mobile app.

No problem, I’ll message you right away :slight_smile:

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OK, new data…
The app shows no online device, web dashboard shows correct ones up.
But, when I enter each device (which doesn’t shows as online, and at that moment doesn’t allow any changes), on return to main app page - it appears as online and works flawlessly! After that, entering and returning to main app page is needed for each device, which work good after that… :astonished:

And “best” part - it doesn’t have same issue all the time… :frowning: