RP3 + Cayenne - offline state


I setup three RPI3 and one RPI2 before a few weeks ago with Cayenne system.
After that I found that sometimes some of the RPI’s are losing connection to Cayenne, I mean in my Cayenne account I can see that they are offline, but currently RPI’s are working properly and showing some PowerBI statistics on my TV’s.

What can be the reason that Cayenne stop receiving information from them? They are 24/7 connected and I don’t even turn them off.
When they are offline on Cayenne system, the only thing which can repair it is to reboot them, but I wan’t to avoid rebooting them every day a few times per day…

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Hm…I am running my Raspberry Pi for 2 months and I even has a battery and it never goes offline. I have NEVER rebooted it for this time.

Maybe you can see them from your local network but the connection through your router is suspended in some reason?

@rsiegel ?

Hi @b.dimov94, have you tried connecting your Pi as a “Bring Your Own Thing”/MQTT device instead of through the “Raspberry Pi” option in the Cayenne UI?

It may be worth it as a test on your network, some users have reported improved connectivity once switching to an MQTT client. I find the Python one to be easiest to work with on Raspberry Pi but we have other languages available as well.


Thank you for answers.
I didn’t try MQTT service, because I’m using the standard functions of Cayenne - like adding new sensors and etc.
I think we solved the problem.

Maybe it was something in Router which caused the problem with the connection.

I’m still looking at all devices and tracking them.
Will inform if the problem appear again.

Thank you a lot for suggestions.

I am happy that you figure it out. In the company where I work, they use some Cisco Access Points, that sometime cut my raspberry wifi connection based on some related measurements. They are driving me crazy so you have to check all the possibilities.