DHT11, DHT22 Sensors


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Looks like @Ian got a DHT11 in Cayenne!

We’re still planning on integrating support for DHT11 and Raspberry Pi, but using an Arduino would be a work around until that happens :slight_smile:


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Thanks Benny! Throw me under the bus :worried:.

Here’s the bottom line up front-
When it comes to code, I know just enough to be dangerous!
This is a conglomeration of the Adafruit DHT and Cayenne code.
I’m sure there is a better or more correct way to do it, regardless here it is-

DHT_Cay.txt (3.2 KB)



Arduino Beta Integration is Live!
Wher is the file for Arduinoexample: dht_advanced_session_example

I’m using Adafruit python library to read humidity and temperature with dht11 sensor then log to my own server. It’s lovely if dht11 is supported.


If I could read humanity, I would be far richer than I am now :wink:

It should be very readable. Get yourself one!

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thank! edited!


You can do it with Arduino Dashboard values don't update


Add me to the supporters of DHT11 please!


but when? i was waiting for new ios app but no sensors was added


me too


Me too, please!


Is there any news about this?


For raspberry pi, nothing yet. If you have an Arduino you can see my link up the page a bit to get it working there.


Hi team, I am really with all the team waiting for the integration of the DHT11 with the raspberry pi 3 into Cayenne, do you know when this could happen?

Thanks a lot, great IOT app


Another wanting easy integration of the DHT11 for Arduino :slight_smile:


Hi @mikejunor_cayenne

Check out this post for some code that @ats1080s made to get the DHT11/22 sensors working with Arduino and Cayenne. We’ll be adding official support for this sensor on both Pi and Arduino soon, it’s clear this is probably the #1 community requested feature at this point – we hear you.


also eagerly awaiting support for DHT11/22 sensors with rpi


Please, take your time but we need it asap!!
How long yet? ;(


Kookye sent me the DHT 11 as part of the fantastic IOT kit but no support for it still? Do we know when we will get it please?


Yet another user that would very much like to use the DHT11, 22, or AM2302 with Cayenne on RPi


@jrustling @pallottamrc @woz @chris.wood

Hey guys,

We feel you, this is high priority item for us after we release our MQTT API!

By the way, if you guys have Arduino you can use Cayenne and DHT11.

Hang in there!