DHT11, DHT22 Sensors

WiFi is not the same as ethernet. It is difficult to connect small devices to the WPA-Enterprise WiFi networks at most universities.

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For cheap ethernet there’s always this device: https://www.amazon.com/Sunkee-ENC28J60-Ethernet-Network-Module/dp/B008B4QIV2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474907927&sr=8-1&keywords=enc28j60

It’s not officially supported, although @kreggly made a post guessing which libraries are required to make it work. I thought I added one to my amazon order last week but must not have made it in. I’ll get one ordered today and hopefully give it a try this week.

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straight up!

Benny, I got the DHT22 and Arduino working perfectly now! I think I fully understand the issue of virtual pins you were talking about yesterday. I’m going to play with triggers and then move on to the sensors!
Thanks again!

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Glad to hear it, please feel free to make a new thread if you have questions or need help with any of those, or anything related to Cayenne. You can always message me as well.

@lance2 Great to hear! :slight_smile:

Benny, the triggers are working and the notifications to email and the phone work. Since I have an Apple watch, the notications show up there too! I’m going to try and set up the Raspberry Pi Zero to work with the Arduino and triggers.
I’ll let you know how that works.

how did you make arduino and DHT22 to work? im figuring it out but cant do it :frowning: can you link me code? or something :slight_smile:

@micho111 here is a link to some code that @Ian used to get his dht11 online and working.

Once you get going, don’t forget about our project submission contest going on right now!



Woohoo! Look at you go!

As always, keep us all updated with your progress and reach out if you need help with anything. There are guys on the Cayenne community ready to help out. (And much smarter than me :slight_smile: )

Talk soon,


Benny, if I wanted to send one of the community members code to a project, how do I do it?
I tried to copy and paste the code into a reply to his message and it showed up in a couple of different fonts and random parts of the code were gone.

You can highlight it all and click the pre-formatted text button at the top of the box. It looks like </>

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I’m also looking forward to the dht support. Have been using a pi for 3 years with mrtg and thingspeak with several dht22’s and just came across and immediately installed cayenne!
Jon Q

As I am new to the all stuff, based on your experiences, do you think that with Arduino, Cayenne and DHT_Cay.txt code can I hang several (multiple) DHT22 sensors and make a viable automation project? I need several DHT sensors in the project.
Bestes, pls add me on the list.

Welcome to Cayenne!

There are 2 options now. You can use Arduino and make custom code to send the values to the dashboard (scroll up for that) or you can also now do it with the Pi using MQTT. http://www.cayenne-mydevices.com/docs/#bring-your-own-thing-api

Hi Adam,

I hope you are very well, I saw that now we can add the DHT11 with Raspberry Pi, that is a great knew, I tried to find some videos that help me to understand how could I add this client (DHT11), do you know if there is any information about it?.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, so, i know I’m the 1billionth person to ask… But will this be supposed under “sensors” soon? I REALLY would love this and it seems like you’ve been saying its in the pipeline for a long while…

It’s possible now with Node-RED/MQTT. I’ll make something up here in the next few days. If you want to try to figure it out on your own here is all the info you will need:

So install the node-red-contrib-dht-sensor node then put that node in to an mqtt output node with all your Cayenne credentials and it will show up on the dashboard.

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Hi guys,

@adam created a great tutorial for adding the DHT11 / 22 sensor to the Cayenne dashboard using the Cayenne MQTT API. I realize this is probably not what you had in mind, but you can now read data from your DHT11 sensors, and send the values to Cayenne from the Raspberry Pi! I’m hoping you will give it a try, here is the post you can reference: