fypprogram.txt (6.4 KB)

this is my code

have a look at this Update using apt-get failed: "Connection timed out" - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

you are publishing data at high rate. You will hit rate limit. Try publishing data at an time interval.

should i put time.sleep between lines in which data is send to chanels??

dont use time.sleep have a look at this example code Cayenne-MQTT-Python/Example-03-CayenneClient.py at master · myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python · GitHub

in this code put my data values in place 0f i i*10 ??
and uses timestemp in if argument ??

Yes, only publish the data at a time interval. Also use the correct data type for respective widgets type Data types for Cayenne MQTT API

i use these but some gave me error thats why i use lux
thank you for your huge support.

what were the error?

i reinstal my respbian now my apt update error is remove… now i m trying to cnect my pi too cayeene but it takes 55 mint and still showing
waiting for devices to connect…
can you give me any other method too connect my pi with cayeeenee

i also try method 2 with terminal command
it also stays on a screen for long time… what can i do now?

it stays their for long time