how can I send data of this sensr from respbery pi to dashboard… can I use plug in from cayeene new release

Download Adafruit DHT11 library from git and navigate to demo/example folder. Edit any example and try to send data to virtual pins like this,
client.virtualWrite(1, humidity)
client.virtualWrite(2, temperature)

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what @Sahar mentioned is absolutely correct, you can code and send DHT11 data to cayenne, but in the new release you can use DTH11 plugin and add DTH11 to your pi agent device just by following this few steps GitHub - myDevicesIoT/cayenne-plugin-dht: A DHT sensor plugin for Cayenne

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I have error in using sudo pip3 install
when i used python code i got second error of driver 2 miss7ng
i get data by using terminal commands by i can nt send it to cayeene

another problem cayenne dashboard is not opening in my resb pi browser
but it work fine in my laptop…

Try to run your program from outside the Adafruit_DHT directory that was cloned.

you are missing . after install sudo pip3 install .

try running google chrome on your pi https://tutorials-raspberrypi.com/google-chrome-for-raspberry-pi/

i m using chrome dashboard is not showing anything
my net conection is wrking fine…

it should work but i guess it does not work on raspberry google chrome. can you try creating a project and then open the shared the project dashboard in your pi.

sir i m working on my project since last 3 month using cayeene dashboard
i have used 8 sensors and 5 to 6 actuators all together in a dashboard
i was working fine and dashboard was opening till 4 dec
but from 10 dec dash board is not opening in my pi but in my laptop it opens normally… may their is a issue with my r pi network speed or something else… but this issue effect my project badly

was it working on google chrome before 10 dec?

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yes sir it was working fine before 10 dec… at the moment all sites are opening in pi except cayenne dashboard of my project… i m making smart industry with All available sensor and sending data by using python code from my pi… not due to this issue i have tu use extra laptop to view my dashboard

can you try creating a new project and then opening project link on pi?

i have not try it yet… it will be last option for me. my dashboard contain 24 wigets swiches if i create new proj i have to set all chaneels and value according to my python script. i m trying to solve this. i will let u know about it
thank u

a new project means creating a new project dashboard on your cayenne dashboard by clicking on . then add all the widgets from this device to your newly created dashboard. once done click on sharing and get the link. Open this link in your pi browser.

i will check this out…
i m also think to reinstall respbian on r pi because sudo apt get update also give me errors…
if i reinstal it
then i have to reconnect my r pi with cayeene?? i m using user name nd passwrd in my python code… will this username work with new install respbian ???

i think the issue is with your internet connection.

you can use the same the USername and password for the new install.

i have check with 2 connections but error remain same. dashboard is work fine on my laptop but create prob on my r pi. r pi also sending data very slowly to my dashboard… my final option isto reinstall respbian

it depends on the code at what rate you are sending. but you should not also send data every fast to avoid hitting rate limit.

my r pi give me this type of error when i want to update