Digital output problem

I cannot select a digital output it only allows me to select the virtual channel on my cayenne platform with arduino one would need if someone can help me with this issue

virtual channel is the MQTT channel used for communication between the cayenne and the device (arduino) so you need to any number (1-25) . Then in the code you the same channel number to get the data and then write the value to the digital pin.

Thank you for answering my question. I am from Argentina and since my English is not very good, I am using the translator.
maybe I am not expressing myself well I am sending you an image with what I cannot achieve is to enter is to select between analogue, digital or virtual I do not have that option




well, i guess that pic you shared above is from a blog. that is an old version of cayenne. In the new version you have to add virtual channel number like this:

then in the code, you have read the data on that virtual channel:

   int value = getValue.asInt();  //read the value on channel 1
   digitalWrite(pin, value)          //write the value to the digital pin