Unableto select channel

hello! I am using a raspberry pi 2 model B. First time trying to use cayenne…

If i go to actuators, and try to add a digital output che add button is disabled… by comparing with some tutorials and screenshots i noticed that the channel field is missing…

any idea why? i canot select the channel since the field is totally not there…



I’m having similar problem. I think you have to select the GPIO you want to be output, but that doesn’t seem to be working either.

Same here. And when I try to add the widget with the app, I get an error about arduino libraries

Glad i am not the only one… I also tried to define the channel as output but still i do not get the channel dropdown… It simoly isnt there… Also in he app i get the strange message about arduino even tofh i am using raspberry…

all user from above can you all try adding a new device using “Bring Your Own Thing” and then try adding a custom digital button widget.

ehm, how can that be done? I am a newbie at this, installed just Yesterday!

unfortunately i am not skilled enough to do this… hopefully another guy here can test this… Ive chosen this cayenne system because it can be done even by unskilled guys like me… :blush:

@sharkyenergy @jason @tpangburn Looks like there is an issue, we’re looking into it and will let you know when we have a fix.


@sharkyenergy @jason @tpangburn should be fixed now.


It is working for me now I see the channel field now… However, I may have some questions to queue up for how I am going to handle my relays for my dosing pumps… hehe

Hehe. Start a new topic about it :slight_smile:

Benny Estes | Product Manager