DS18B20 Direct Connect Hack

These leads are available made up complete and can be put into boiling water, glass of ice cubes or just drop into your coffee while demonstrating the wonderful features of Cayenne (of course) on my shed talks :slight_smile:
Here is how to make a simple 3 pin direct connect:

1/. Pretty much as these come out of the packet:

  • Chomp off the crimp pins
  • Part strip the RED and the YELLOW wires as shown
  • Stagger the point at which the wires are stripped and pull the insulation along and wrap around shortened leads of the 4k7 Pull Up resistor

2/. Good dose of Hot Glue:

Pressing down on the warm blob of hot glue between 2 cold, flat, wet surfaces makes a great ‘flexi-flat-transparent’ blob that is strong and flexible while there is no mystery about how it works as the connections and resistor can all be seen.

3/. Chomp up some Socket Socket jumpers and splice onto the end tails of the pre made lead. Heat shrink I managed to color co-ordinate makes it all tidy and Strong.

4/. Finished product ready to hook onto your Pi GPIO DIRECTLY

Red = Positive = Pin 1
Yellow = 1w bus Data = Pin 7
Black = Negative = Pin 9


AND… If you have not had the experience of seeing what happens to the dashboard when you plug one of these directly onto the GPIO it has to be one of the most amazing tricks… If you Really want to impress someone… It just "pop’s up’ on the dashboard working within seconds of plugging one onto the GPIO. ZERO config IoT.

~ Andrew

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