Duplicate Scheduling Problem

I have an issue where I am trying to schedule a light to turn on and off at a certain time. That all works great except for when I set the time to turn the light off at 11:30pm. It shows up as a duplicate in the dashboard. And when 11:30pm rolls around it doesn’t turn off. It turns on at 6:45pm and that works fine. The strange thing is if I set a schedule for it to turn off at 11pm it only creates one and it works as expected. If I set it to 11:30pm it creates two and if I remove one it removes both.

Sorry for the late reply here @Tim_G_Tech. That’s a little bizarre. Would you mind posting a screen shot of the schedule event that is failing? We’ll create the same event at the same time and if we can reproduce the bug then we can get a fix in place.

11:30pm is like 2 hours past my bedtime so maybe @rsiegel can do the testing, hehe :wink:

:smile: I guess I am the night owl on the team! I’ll set this up for tonight and see if I can reproduce/figure out what’s happening.

@Tim_G_Tech, what sort of device is your light/relay connected to (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, something else?), so I can replicate this as closely as possible on my end.

Sorry for just now getting back on this. I just attached a screenshot. I am using Adafruit’s Feaher Huzzah (esp8266). I set it up using BYOD.

So here’s the weird thing now. I set it to 11:00pm and it turned off. It also only showed once each day in the schedule. I set it back to 11:30pm and it shows two again but it did turn off at 11:30pm. So it appears the schedule is working fine now. It just shows up twice each day to turn it off. Strange…

Thank you much for the detail! I can reproduce this now. It looks like the event itself isn’t really being duplicated, so much as a bug in the monthly view is causing events in the last half-hour of the day to bleed onto the next day as another calendar entry. It doesn’t appear to impact the Year/Week/Day views in my test.

Glad it isn’t impacting the actual functioning of your scheduled event (at least anymore). I’ll get this logged for a fix in a future update to the product.

Thanks for looking at it. I figured it was some minor bug. I’m glad I came across it so it could be fixed. So far so good otherwise.

Hey I just noticed it looks like you fixed the duplicate schedule issue. Cool Beans!! :slight_smile:

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Well, it seemed like it was ok for a bit but now acting up again.

For what it’s worth - I know there have been some ongoing iossues with scheduling event. It has worked sporadically. This same problem I posted about last year still exists. Just FYI - double events showing up.

we are working on scheduler bug and should be out soon.