Scheduler program works only once


When I set a lamp to turn on at a particular time it turns " on" but all other schedules after that are not executed at all.


Hi @revaprerana, we’ve encountered a number of issues with the Arduino Scheduler since our server update back in February, including others with this same issue. Because of these we’ve decided to re-factor the Arduino Scheduling architecture and aren’t planning any bugfixing for issues related to it until we have that out the door. I’ll have better information on what the timeframe will be for that later this week.

Right now the only solution I’ve found that seems to work is waiting until after the 1st event to schedule the 2nd event, but obviously for many real world scheduling cases that’s not very useful.


Hello Rsiegel,
while Arduino is encountering scheduler issues, on the other hand the Raspberry pi is working perfectly on scheduling.only + 30 Sec to 50 sec difference is noted.
I want to just share this.


Thanks for sharing. This makes sense since the Raspberry Pi scheduler engine is different code than the Arduino one, which we’ll be refactoring.


Wanted to let you know that we’ve released a new scheduling engine that should fix a of the issues that you were previously experiencing. Let us know if you run into anymore issues with scheduling.

You can read the full release notes here: