Embed actuator widgets in my own website

Use case:

As a user I want to be able to put my own branding and design on the user interface.

For this reason it would be nice if it were possible to embed the actuator and sensor widgets in my own website.


Hi @oliver.radcliffe,

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So first off I love that you brought this up! This is where Cayenne will be going. Unfortunately, we are not ready yet to offer ability for makers to white label features of Cayenne (By white label I mean use the Cayenne interface and add your own branding, colors, logos, etc., and be able to sell your product using Cayenne interface, cloud infrastructure, triggers & alerts engine, etc.). It’s still an effort that we are reviewing how to roll out.

Ability to while label Cayenne would likely be a business, or enterprise level feature, where we would charge a premium for the service we would be offering you, while also offering a higher level of support and features. Does that make sense?

By the way, here is another topic where this was discussed at length:

Hi Bestes,

Please to here this is going to be part of the Cayenne road map, it makes perfect sense, especially from a commercial point of view.

Out of preference I would like to see something like the following two options:

  1. Create an IOT solution that is white labeled by me and hosted by yourselves in the cloud. I would then pay a monthly subscription fee. Any changes made to my design white labeling would then covered by the subscription.

  2. Create an IOT solution that is white labeled by me and written to the Raspberry PI which acts as a web server. I would then pay a one off build fee and any changes would incur an additional build fee. Once built the Pi could then be disconnected from your cloud service for customers who would not want a third party to have access to the solution.

Probably need to create another feature request however if a build could act as a standalone using a PI with an integrated touch screen to access the UI instead of a separate PC/Tablet it would provide a powerful tool for integration into all kinds of other vehicle and building control applications that are not always internet connected.


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