Mobile App Customization


Have you all thought about allowing the users of your platform to customize the mobile app so that it’s unique to their product or service?

Packaging Cayenne as app to sell products

Can you elaborate?

Maybe give an example of what you mean. Like being able to create custom scripts that run?



Let’s say that I wanted to build my product on your platform, but I wanted the mobile app to be labeled in the app store as my product name or my company’s name instead of Cayenne. Have you all thought about giving users( whether entrepreneurs or companies) this option?


Absolutely we have. When you get to that point, I would send me a direct message, or email me ( We’re working on a couple things that will make this process very easy for entrepreneurs / companies to white label Cayenne. Until then though, feel free to let us know how Cayenne can better meet your needs for your projects / goals. Our goal is to be the most powerful IoT project building platform out there, so if we can enable you to do something then we likely will!