Whitelabel Cayenne

Hello, I’m new to Cayenne and have a few questions:

  1. Does Cayenne offer a 'Whitelabel" service where we could use their service under our own brand?

  2. Are their developer logins where multiple developers can share an account or share a project?

  3. What is the pricing for using Cayenne?


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welcome to the cayenne community @paul4.

check this out IoT Ready Program - myDevices

tagging @acedeno for this.

Hi @paul4

1- Yes, it is possible to white label. However, I would like to know more about your type of solution so we can offer the best possible options. Please PM me your project objectives.

2 - In Cayenne, right now we don’t have that options where multiple users can work on 1 account. You can share your dashboard, but the permission levels are only skin deep. So not much another user can change.

3 - Right now, Cayenne is free for prototyping. We hope to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. With so many changes and updates we have planned, we can’t guarantee uptime, data retention, etc, We are working on bringing a paid version that can be used in a production environment. Please PM me with your specific requirements, we do have some options available that may be of your interest.


I would also like information on whitelabel services

As @acedeno Right now it is not possible to while label using cayenne. Can you PM me what your project is about and if there is a possible solution we can suggest you.