Error adding new raspberry - no mail, no dashboard


Hi There,
watched the introduction Videos, setup an new jessi-OS on my pi, started the terminal and typed in the displayed lines of code. Drivers and all the stuff installed fine as the webpage said. The Pi booted as expected at the end of installation but I never get a mail that all is done successfully and no Pi appears in a dashboard! Repeated the whole process with no success. Has anyone an idea what is going wrong? Tried it with Pi2 and Pi3 - same effect!


Found it myself: Our Firewall is blocking Port 8181. When I open the port all is running as expected.

@Cayenne-Team: PLEASE plac an advice about required ports on the installation docs! Took me a lot of wasted time!


Hi @niethammer, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I’m glad you figured it out, and apologize for the wasted time. I’ll look into adding the ports to our install documentation – in the meantime, here is the full list of ports we use in various capacities. They aren’t all necessary unless you use a wide variety of devices (Pi, Arduino, MQTT).

443 for HTTPS
8442 for Arduino
8181 for Raspberry Pi
50xx for cloud server websockets
80 for regular HTTP
1883 and 8883 for MQTT