Open port

Hello, what port needs to be open for a RaspberryPi to communicate with your servers?

For MQTT it is 1883.

ok, are there any other ports the raspberry pi would need to be able to send out data on?

Nope, is there any problem you are facing?

Hello, the RaspberryPi shows up on the devices pages as black like it’s connected but when you click on it the gauges have no data and don’t do anything. Would port 1883 have to be open on both TCP and UDP?


can you ssh into the pi or connect it to a desktop? port 1883 needs to be open on TCP. there might be something other issue with it.

Ok, I did update the RaspberryPi. The network admin opened it up to all ports and then it was fine. I might ask them to close all but 1883 TCP. Would the iPhone or computer viewing the dashboard also have to be open to 1883 TCP?


does not matter.

Hello, The only way the RaspberryPi works is if all ports are open. Tested with all ports open and it worked then I had them close it down to just having 1883 tcp open and now it doesn’t work again. Any ideas?


Hello, is there any commands that can be entered in the terminal to see where is get stuck communicating out to Cayenne servers?

tagging @jburhenn for this

The 1883 port is for standard MQTT communications. The Pi agent uses secure MQTT communications and connects to port 8883 on the server. So you might try allowing communications to that port.

Hello, that corrected the issue, thanks.

Glad that’s working for you now.