ESP32 Home Monitor/Logger

I have been a long time Arduino and industrial controller programmer, but have done little with respect to WiFi and the IoT aspect.
This is my first project with an ESP32 and monitors a single place in my home.
I have made it portable, so its long term data may change characteristics as I try it in many places.

The project consists of;
DHT11,Temperature and Humdiity Sensor.
LDR, uncalibrated, 0 to 3.3V.

I have a question, is there a facility that will allow control from the dashboard to the ESP32 to control remote devices, such as lights?

Thanks … Tom…

Yes. You add button widget to your dashboard which controls the relay connected to your esp.

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Hi, thanks for the advice, got it working, just refining my ESP32 code.

Another question, is there a way to make this desktop project able to be access by all, rather than just me?
Or can you make it accessible to particular users.

I am aiming to present this developing home project to my company/boss to acquire a licence so we can use it in some foreseeable projects we are developing.


create a new project on you dashboard, add the device widget you want to share to this dashboard and share the link with users.