Read Only Dashboard?

Hi Guys!

I am just finishing my “smart” ESP8266 based thermostat, and btw very pleased with the Cayenne integration.

QUESTION: Is there any way to provide different credentials to log into Cayenne (via iOS app), so that my wife, kids or other family members can access the Dashboard, turn on/off the central heating, monitor temperatures, but in a read only fashion, without being able to “modify” (or delete… OMG!) the widgets?

Thank you guys…

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Hi @spacefolder,

So glad Cayenne has been pleasing :slight_smile: We have lots more coming through the pipeline so stay tuned.

Hmmm, try out the “Sharing” link in the blue banner on your dashboard…You have to be in your ‘Project’ view in order to share a project with someone. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this meets your needs. Sounds like a cool project by the way, and seems like it already qualifies for this ESP8266 IoT Contest we are running right now. You should enter! It’s easy and opportunity to showcase your project in front of 1000’s plus lots of great prizes.

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Thanks @bestes for the fast reply!

It took my a couple of minutes to realize I had to create a Project first :relaxed:
It definetily works, and I don’t even need to install an app on other iOS devices, just place the web link on the “desktop”, great! :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ll take a look at the contest, though it’s just a plain and simple ESP8266 IoT Thermostat, not much to brag about!


The theme of the contest is 'Simplify the Connected World", so it actually might fit perfectly hehe.

See you around!


Hi Benny, quick question…

I was very excited with the idea of sharing a project, so I could share the Dashboard with my wife, kids, etc. But though the shared link works fine on a computer (Macbook, and PC, tested!), if I try to open the same link on an iOS device (Safari), it redirects me to the Download Cayenne App, and there’s no way of accessing the Dashboard without installing the Cayenne app.

Is there any workaround to open a shared project vía web, using iOS devices?


That’s a good question…I don’t see anywhere in the app that you can load a shared dashboard. Is it possible on a phone?

Has anyone found a way to “read only” share the desktop on Android or iOS yet? Preferably without downloading an app.

this is because cayenne have not done a native sharing feature for the mobile apps. If you can do a desktop version on like a tablet of iphone, then it will work. But for mobile devices, probably it will ask you to download app since screen resolution is so small.

Thanks Shramik, yes Android’s require an app download. I did a bunch of research and there doesn’t seem to be a way around it. This would really be a nice feature!

if it can be usefull for someone : on my Android smartphone with Chrome , we can chose the “PC version” in the menu. I put a shortcut on the Android dashboard to directly open, Cayenne Dashboard (without install the App).

select “PC version” on Chrome

Cayenne Dashboard Pc Version, on my Android Phone


Chrome works! Thank You SuperNinja!!

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Is not there any more convenient option to share dashboard and control on mobile devices? If I share this link it always needs additional clicks to request the desktop version, furthermore the text is unreadable due to very small font size.

I am implementing a gate door opener for my family and looking for a reasonably simple user interface.