Arduino Dashboard - start with some basic controls

I was expecting something similar to the Raspberry Pi GPIO dashboard that allows direct monitoring and control of the Arduino’s ports (kind of like the Firmata Control). Instead, when I connect to Arduino, it is seen as a device; but the dashboard is blank. I just think it would be nice to start off with a basic dashboard with controls and status indicators of the ports.)

Hello again @jamesmdinsmore ,

We’ve actually been thinking of creative ways display something on for the Arduino device once it first gets online. We first looked into automatically adding a widget to the on-board LED, but typically that is taken by the shield (ethernet or WiFi) that sits on top of the Arduino. What’s nice about the Pi is all of the widgets that automatically populate when you first get it online.

I had not seen Firmata Control before. I’ll look into what they do and see if we can’t do something similar. I do agree with you though, that it would be ideal to start off with something to look at or play with on the dashboard for Arduino. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Also, I’m moving this topic to Arduino Ideas / Suggestion category so I can track it :slight_smile:

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Here is a brief summary of my experience using Firmata