Widgets problem


I’m new in this Communitiy but I have 2 Cayenne project (ESP8266) running for more than 8 months without problems.
But on recent project with ESP8266 Wemod D1 mini board I found one issue - for now. Problem is when I try to put more than 6 widgets on 1 device in dashbord - than device ESP8266 keeps disconnecting end reconnecting from Cayenne dashbord - in cycles. If there is 6 or less widgets on dashbord all is normal, connection is stable.

Did anyone have some similar problems?

Hi @simon.ucin,

Glad to hear you’ve been running Cayenne for so long with no issue, thanks for using our platform! I’d be interested in the code here, as well as what (if any) output you’re seeing in the Serial Monitor.

In the LINK is my code. Regarding Serial monitor outputs, I have commented all (no outputs in monitor) but the problem remains.
In the attachment is print screen of working dashboard. As I described in first post if I put another widget than problem appears.