ESP8266s are not reporting to the dashboard


I have three devices connected to my dashboard. One Raspberry P13 and two Generic ESP8266-01. They have been up and running for the last few days. Both of the ESP8266 are not reporting. If I view the serial port on the ESP8266 devices it shows that they connect to Cayenne, but the dashboard doesn’t show any updates and the commands to the devices aren’t arriving.The Raspberry Pi is working as design.


I’m having the same issue. Two esp8266 that are communicating fine with my local network, but I can’t control from the dashboard. Christmas lights won’t come on tonight. :slight_smile:


can you reupload the same code to the esp8266 and check.


I tried that last night to no avail. As of this morning around 5:00 am EST both my ESPs are working again.


Same here. I just checked and both are back online. I was able to reupload the code to both last night without issue, they just wouldn’t connect. They are remote, so I wasn’t able to monitor the serial output but no issues updating firmware at any point. All seems to be good now though.

My dashboard has a counter that always counts up, and last night, it continued to count up but would not update live, just every once in a while it seemed to catch up, even though it said it was offline. After I reflashed the esp, the dashboard did not restart the counter, but this morning, looking at the history, it did continue to report to the cayenne, it just wasn’t showing it on the dashboard.



This has happened again on Wednesday Night.


This should be fixed now @joe2. We had issue on Wednesday and has since been fixed.