ESP8266 and BME280 Pressure iOS dashboard


My ESP8266/BME280 has been running for several weeks. Temp, pressure and humidity is correctly displayed on my iMAC. However when I view the data from my iPhone or iPad using the cayenne app, I notice the pressure data is not being displayed (0 Pascals).

Any ideas are welcomed.


Hi Rick, I’m going to send you a PM about this bug since I want to request some private info from you. Look for it in just a minute.

Just for anyone viewing this thread in the future, I wanted to update with what we found. This is not a bug with the ESP8266 or the BME280 sensor itself, but a problem with our ‘Custom Gauge’ widget on iOS. It’s rounding Pascals to Kilopascals, which can make small values like 29Pa turn to .029Pa and then round to zero.

We’re going to fix in the next iOS release. In the meantime, the best workaround is to choose any other Custom Widget type (value, graph) to replace the Gauge if you run into this.

Ok, thanks for sharing!