Dashboard Appears differently on my computer and on my mobile

From my computer I added BME280 sensor in dashboard (temperature, pressure and humidity).
For temperature and humidity I receive data but not for pressure.
I checked with serial monitor and sensor send pressure data.

After that I opened Cayenne app from my Android phone … and surprise … appear data for pressure.

Why do the pressure data not appear on my computer but appear on my phone?
It’s a bug?

Hi @dgcatalin and welcome to the Cayenne Community. I doubt it is anything on the code side if you’re seeing the values send OK in the Serial Monitor, and on at least one of the two devices. Do you mind sharing your account credentials via Private Message with me, so I can log in and reproduce/investigate on my side?

Hi again @dgcatalin,

Thank you for the detailed information you sent via PM. After spending some time trying to reproduce this, I think the bug is pretty obvious now:

There must be something wrong with the ‘Pascal’ unit that’s causing data to not display on your dashboard. All of my widgets are being populated with fake data like:


so it can’t really be anything else.

I’ll get this bug headed toward fix in with our development team – in the meantime, you might want to delete and re-create your pressure widget as a Generic Analog Input widget from Add New > Device/Widget > Sensors > Generic > Analog Input. It will then have a unit of ‘float’ like the widget ‘Analog5’ in my above screenshot, but it should at least carry the data OK on both web and mobile until we figure out why the Pascal units setting was breaking the custom value widget.

Hi rsiegel,Thank you for your research.When I’ll come back home I’ll try your recomandation.

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