ESP8266 motion sensor dashboard: web =/= android

Hi guys,
I noticed an issue between the web and android dashboard.
So I have an ESP8266/Nodemcu device connected to Cayenne.
The device has 2 sensors:

  1. Channel 0: just a counter with the millis() value.
  2. Channel 8: a PIR motion sensor state.

Widget settings:

  1. Icon: chartlet; Number of decimals: 0.
  2. Choose widget: Motion Detector; Choose Unit: Digital (0/1)

I’m using these lines in my code to submit:

Cayenne.virtualWrite(0, m);
Cayenne.virtualWrite(8, state, "digital_sensor", "d");

Both work fine in the web dashboard.
However, in the android app dashboard the motion detector widget doesn’t show.
The widget for the millis() counter shows 2 decimals instead of zero.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

The motion sensor widget is not support on app. So you need two add a simple two state widget.

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