Eternet Shild for Arduino Uno

I try to conecting my Eternet Shild to Cayenne but the result always " Waiting for board to connect…". When i try to serial monitor with Arduino Ide show
[0] [0] MAC: FE-96-A0-AE-AB-AD
[0] Getting IP…
[60445] DHCP Failed!

what’s the solution?

have you connected the eternet shield with the routerhaving open intrnt access

DHCP failed can mean many things. The two most obvious things to check: is your ethernet cable good? are you connecting to a network that has a DHCP server? If both of those pass post back and we can check some more possibilities.

Hi @doni.hotang,

Also, if you are plugging the ethernet shield into your computer, make sure it is a crossover ethernet cable (or use an ethernet switch) and that Internet Connection Sharing is enabled.

Here’s how you setup ICS:



hi , I have the same problem but in different way such that the shield is work properly, when i turn it off and then turn it on it does not work . what i have to do ?