Issue connecting to Cayenne website

I have connected Ethernet shield to Arduino uno and followed the instructions to connect to Cayenne site.
Waiting for board to connect took very long and the board did not appear on the website.
Please advise.

What are shown on the Serial monitor?
Do you have any screenshot?

Also useful would be the sketch you’re using to connect (minus your private token), and which model of Ethernet Shield you’re using.

And it’s worth double checking to make sure that the Arduino IDE is set to the correct board and port in the Tools menu. I’m sure we can get you past this and up and running with Cayenne.


On Cayenne site, I followed the steps to set up Arduino Uno with Ethernet
shield. It should be W5100 Ethernet shield. Anyway I attached the picture
for your reference.
I selected the below and copy the sketch to Arduino IDE and uploaded the

The status of the connection keeps running and didn’t go through.

This is the sketch on IDE.

Did I miss out anything?

Is there any advice how I can resolve the issue, and able to send a message
over the internet?

Hi @nickyoko21,

I edited out the private token from the sketch file just so no one else tries to add a device to your account. :slight_smile:

Nothing looks wrong with the sketch file itself, assume that is a W5100 Ethernet shield. It looks like one. What is that board sticking up from the middle of it? I’ve never seen that.

The next best thing to help troubleshoot would be the output from the Serial Monitor in the Arudino IDE. It’s the little magnifying glass icon in the upper right after uploading a sketch to your Arduino.