Event scheduled with repeat = custom every 1 hour doesnt work

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Device Raspberry Pi model B, web dashboard used.

Problem description:
Created event with custom repeating every hour doesnt work

Steps to reproduce:
create event with custom repeat every 1 hour, with or without email notification.

Expected result:
In my case triggered relays, with/without notification

Actual result:
No action performed.

Additional comments:
Event scheduled with every 1 day repeat works as expected with/without notification/

I noticed that, too- just last night. Timed/scheduled events didn’t occur- Hmmm…

Seems to be a few people here having issues with relays and triggers. I’ll test when I get home, but you can see my response to another thread here Cannot get schedule to turn off relay - #10 by nojunkmail

I can confirm we’ve reproduced just a general issue with Hourly custom recurrence events not firing, and our engineering team is investigating. I can reproduce with just simple events to reboot a Pi, so I don’t think Relays are necessary for what @kagbox is seeing

Thank you for the report by the way, we hope to have this fixed soon.

@kagbox @HighTech @adam We recently pushed a fix out for this issue, it should be fixed now. Please let us know otherwise!