Events do not work?

I have a esp8266 configured as an arduino.
I think the configuration is correct because its digital output in GPIO “0” goes from 0 to 1 and vice versa without problems. However the same digital output is programmed for events, but they do not seem to work. Anyone know anything? Thank you

We have a fairly significant issue with Arduino events at the moment. In short, if you create two (or more) of them for the same widget before the time that the first one is supposed to fire, the second (and 3rd, 4th) one will never fire.

For example, using a digital pin and a light switch widget, and assume it is 14:30.

If at 14:30 you create an ON event for 14:45, and an OFF event for 15:00, the OFF event will never fire.

If at 14:30 you create an ON event for 14:45, then wait until 14:50 to create the OFF event for 15:00, the OFF event will fire OK.

So while Arduino scheduling isn’t entirely broken, it’s fairly limited by this bug. We’re working on it and I’ve added you to a list to update when a fix is in place.

Hi again @manrobles

I decided to test the behavior I described in my previous post and it’s not reproducing in that way anymore. Tonight I am seeing every scheduler event generate a notification, but the actual scheduled action isn’t happening. So not working properly, but in a different way than I described. :sweat:

I thought I would ask if you’re seeing the same behavior. Do you mind adding a notification (text or email) to your events and seeing if which behaviors you see from this list?:

  • Both the notification and the scheduled action occur OK
  • Only the scheduled action occurs OK, but not the notification
  • Only the notification occurs OK, but not the scheduled action
  • Neither the notification or the scheduled action occur

If anyone else is reading this thread with scheduler issues, I’d be interested in the same, also whether your events are recurring or non-recurring, and if recurring, what is the recurrence schedule.

Having the event issue also. My off event set for 11pm didn’t go. And it didn’t last night either. Ill add notification to mine and let you know.

thanks for answering
I will try to record my events as you tell me in the email-
That is, programming on and then (" in the interval ") programming off
Also add notifications for the on event and the off event. After seeing the behavior I will answer.
Thanks again

tego el mismo problema. enciende a las 22 pero no apaga a las 23. llevo tiempo intentando que funcione pero sin exito. gracias

Hello @chaski73,

I want to share here what was posted in other forum threads: we’ve had enough issues with the Arduino scheduler that the decision has been made to re-write it rather than continue making individual bug fixes. We know in some cases you will be able to get the 2nd event to run if you wait until after the first event to schedule it, but of course that is only useful in a handful of cases. Please keep an eye on our Announcements category, where we will update when the new Arduino scheduler is released. I’ll be sure to update this thread then as well. My apologies for the inconvenience until that time.

And, en (Google Translate) español: :relaxed:

Quiero compartir aquí lo que se publicó en otros foros del foro: hemos tenido suficientes problemas con el programador de Arduino que se ha decidido volver a escribirlo en lugar de seguir corrigiendo errores individuales. Sabemos que en algunos casos usted podrá obtener el segundo evento para correr si espera hasta después del primer evento para programarlo, pero por supuesto que sólo es útil en un puñado de casos. Por favor, mantenga un ojo en nuestra categoría de Anuncios, donde actualizaremos cuando se publique el nuevo programador de Arduino. Voy a estar seguro de actualizar este hilo entonces también. Mis disculpas por el inconveniente hasta ese momento.

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R Siegel, Thank you for sorting this out… I also have Events that often don’t fire… (Lamps not going on or off at set time)…
FIrst i thoughed it was an issue with internet as we had very slow internet… But since 1 week we have Fiber 100/100Mbit and the problems still occure sometimes…

gracias por responder. espero con ilusion para poder hacer funcionar mi proyecto.muchas gracias.

He visto que han hecho una corrección de errores pero yo sigo teniendo el mismo problema con los eventos. Díganme por favor si tengo que hacer alguna actualización. Mi proyecto no tendría sentido si no puedo programar eventos,esta era una de las partes mas importantes. Si no va a funcionar díganmelo para poder buscar otra solución. Sea cual sea la respuesta,gracias por la atención prestada.

I have seen that they have made a bug fix but I still have the same problem with the events. Please tell me if I have to make any updates. My project would not make sense if I can not schedule events, this was one of the most important parts. If it will not work tell me so I can find another solution. Whatever the answer, thank you for your attention.

Hi @hallerhoek, is your issue on Arduino too?

If you (or anyone else reading) would like to be part of a private beta for a new Arduino Scheduler we’re expecting in May, send me a quick private message on the forum. You won’t need to do anything formal to test, just use the product as you normally would on our development server.

Hi @chaski73,

We don’t have the new Arduino scheduler in place just yet, see my previous post. We’re not planning any further bug fix for the one currently in Cayenne as it will be retired and replaced by the new scheduler soon. If you’d like to be a part of the beta test for that, please let me know. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello Rsiegel I like the idea of writing the event programmer again for arduino.
I would be very happy if you let me know when it is working. Thank you


Thanks for your feedback and patience. Did you want to be part of the Beta test when we have something new ready?

Good afternoon
Yeah, Of course i’m interested
Let me know when it’s ready
Thank you

Very much appreciated, I’ll keep you posted.

Sorry for the delay. Ofcourse I want to try the new version. Meanwhile keep looking for alternatives to my events. I found that depues enter the event on, and turn it off and turn on vuevo then if I work the next event off. Not comfortable but less so when I receive the notification on, turn it off and back on and the longer I forget to take it off. If I miss it would be dangerous because the soil is the activation of the pool filtration, but all the hours this on unnecessarily increase the electricity bill.:disappointed_relieved:

@chaski73 @manrobles @vapor83 @hallerhoek Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that we recently released a new scheduler that should be much more reliable than previous. Think you could try it out and let us know how your tests go?.. We’d like to confirm from the community that the new scheduler is indeed more reliable :slight_smile:

You can read the full release notes here:



Hola. Lo estoy probando y en principio los eventos están funcionando correctamente. Gracias. retomo el proyecto…

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