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Anything about gpio config such as enabling serial or downloading webiopi/wiring pi to work with sensors ??

Sorry the question if it’s off topic.


So serial is not enabled with Cayenne. Also, a modified version of WebIOPi is installed with Cayenne. If WebIOPi was previously installed on the Pi before Cayenne installed, we’ve seen some issues (since Cayenne uses the modified WebIOPi version.) Did this help? Feel free to ask again if it didn’t :slight_smile:



It helped indeed. What I don’t understand is how cayenne interacts with gpio. It only reads the pin state for what I concern. It does not interact with any data sent through so it’s only capable of triggering an alert when the pin goes 1 or 0, is this true?
It’s not like, let’s say, node red that can implement code to read and talk to the sensors?



It can read data from the pins as well. This is a post on the out of box supported sensors.

To get a sense for what could be possible with Cayenne, check out the projects page here.

We’re also releasing Arduino integration soon, which will further the use cases and possibilities of Cayenne!



Sorry, but I don’t see anywhere I can read the data that is flowing. Only high or low pin.
Also, can I suggest to implement also CISECO XRF sensors?they would open an enormous amount of possibilities…


Upcoming feature will allow you to read data coming from pins on the Pi. For now, we’ve integrated some specific sensors that you can use with Cayenne. For example, if you want to add a BMP180 temp./pressure sensor, you would wire it correctly and add it to dashboard and it would appear.



Wonderful!that’s what I was missing!I will wait for updates to integrate such a feature!
I also can help providing test on ciseco wireless modules since I have a bunch of them laying around. Tell me what to do and when.:slight_smile: #ciseco #ideas-feature-suggestions


I have a range of ‘transparent serial’ RF devices that I hope to get working into a serial txt window if this is incorporated within cayenne. I find the serial terminal within WebIOPi really handy for this sort of thing This will really lift the lid for a lot of my projects as would using Pyserial to pass variable data In and Out of the python to some generic virtual variables.
~ Andrew


@asher.cohen @picaxe By the way, we recently released Arduino integration. I would think you would be able to get the XRF sensors reading from Arduino?



Thanks!i have no Arduino now but i will try the soonest!!

Good job!


That would do it. I am just keen to go simplest way as the serial port is sitting there on the Pi already to go.
~ Andrew


I Want to add some database into my raspberry pi 2. Can someone tell me how can I do this.?
Its a part of my Project…


Hi @syedharis185,

The Raspberry pi forum might get more answers for that question.




Will there be an offline version? I might be interested in trying this stuff out at work but due to security concerns having an active connection to your cloud is probably not going to happen :frowning:


Sorry for the late reply here @dbrace. For our enterprise users we will allow them to point Cayenne to their servers. Our enterprise users certainly have valid use case for keep data in their servers. Can you reach out to me and we can further discuss your use case? bestes@mydevices.com



Is it possible for me to add more than one sensor and read data using this app?


Yes it is very possible to do this :wink:



Hi All,

I just became a member of this great website.
I have an issue whenever I try to add new switch to my device. There is no any icon in the list!
Any idea ? Is this web browser problem. On my phone it is working well.