Installing myDevices Cayenne

Hey @bflippy.codepy, welcome to the Cayenne Community and thanks for making a quick video showing our Android app doing a Raspberry Pi installation. We also have an iOS app that has a similar installation process.

In case anyone follows this video and runs into trouble during installation from mobile, I want to remind that we have an SSH-based installation available if you log into your web dashboard then Add New > Device/Widget > Single Board Computers > Raspberry Pi , then follow the instructions under option 2.

The reason I mention this is that you get more verbose error messaging when installing from the command line versus the mobile apps. So if the install has issues via this option, you’ll have some messaging you can use to create a thread here! :slight_smile:

Hey @rsiegel ! We already have plans to publish a video featuring installation on an Arduino and the SSH-based installation on Raspberry Pi. We don’t plan on featuring the iOS app but we did mention it in our blog post. Thank for the feedback!

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Nice video and introduction :slight_smile: