Forward data from own LoRa device registered on loriot


We are using our custom end device and loriot compatible gateway from RisingHF. We need API which can download all the data as csv.

[1] Does Cayenne support custom devices? Most places it mentions Cayenne can support custom devices, but below link doesn’t include it

[2] Suggest simplest API tool to just download all data.

[3] Does Cayenne have any limitations on packets per day?


LoRa is something I want to get more familiar with this year and unfortunately I don’t know the answer to that question. @croczey might be able to help.

  1. Yes we support custom devices. You have 2 options…use our standardized payload format: or register your device through our IoT Ready Program:

  2. You can download data directly from the Cayenne dashboard once your device is connected:


  1. Nope!